Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wiz of the banggaz making a beat!

Hey Guys,

If you are interested in seeing some work in action you can check out wiz from Bangga Boiz Musik GP. LLC creating a music piece...check out the link below. comment and show love...

have a good one!

wiz making a beat

Bangga Boiz musik gp: the beginning

     Bangga Boiz Musik Gp was created in 2006 by Dayrl “Sutta Homez” Pediford and Curtis “C-note” Richardson originated from the beginnings of the Inkredibles, were after unfortunate
circumstances, branched off and started The Banggaz. In 2011, two new additions were introduced to this already creative team of producers, Daunte “Taystarr” Gallier and Sherwin “Wiz” Primo. Together this created a fusion of great producers with phenomenal music skill, capable of creating music of many Genres; RnB, Dance, pop, and Hip Hop, just to name a few.
 Members of the team have produced for artist such as Amerie, Dj Envy, Red Cafe, and Pleasure P “SAY YES" as well as many more. In addition to being producers, the members engineer, do vocal arrangements, and write. As we speak, the Bangga boiz are working with many artists, both underground and mainstream pushing hard to reach the surface for distinguished work. With their great team along with their hard work and dedication, there is no doubt about musical success in the near future.


Check out Bangga Boiz Musik GP. LLC
Twitter: @wizofthebanggaz  @TayStarr